Below is a quick tutorial video for setting up BOT36 game bot. Please make sure download the correct bot for your game (WWE SuperCard, Marvel Strike Force, MyNBA2K20 or other game).
    • How to make bot run faster?
    • How to troubleshoot if bot not work?
    • How many computers can I run the bot on?
    • How do I use my free trial?
    • How long does a license key last?
    • Is payment one time or monthly?
    • Why does my license key expire earlier?
    This is a simple guide for setting up BOT36 game bot. Please also watch the tutorial video for setup details.
    Bot Supported Resolution and Device
    Game 1080 * 1920 720 * 1280
    WWE Supercard Emulator / Phone (Cloud) Emulator
    Marvel Strike Force Emulator / Phone (Cloud) Emulator
    MyNBA2K20 Emulator / Phone Not Supported
    Step 1: Make sure you are ready to bot
    • You need to have a Windows PC, Mac, Rooted Android phone or Cloud Emulator.
    • Your game account is already linked to facebook.
    Step 2: Download and install Android emulator or use a cloud Android emulator
    • There are many Android devices you can choose, here we recommend some of them:
    • For Cloud Emulator or Phone User:
    • For Windows User:
    • For Mac User:
    • Choose one of the Android device (If not work, you can try another one) and go to their website to download or directly use.
    • After download, install the Android emulator on your PC or Mac(cloud emulator or phone users can skip).
    Step 3: Configure emulator settings(cloud emulator or phone users can skip)
    • IMPORTANT Open emulator settings, check and change below emulator settings (must be same as below):
      • Language:        English
      • Root option:     Enabled
      • Resolution:       1080 * 1920 or 720 * 1280
      • CPU setting:     2 cores (You may need to enable CPU virtualization)
    Step 4: Download and install game
    • Open and log in to Google Play store in emulator.
    • Download the game you wish to bot from the Google Play store.
    • Open the game you just install and log in your game account via facebook.
    Step 5: Download and install game bot
    • There are two ways to download and install bot to your emulator.
      • Option one: download bot file from BOT36 to your desktop, then drag bot apk file into emulator to install.
      • Option two: open emulator internal browser, then go to our website www.bot36.com to directly download bot file to your emulator and install.
    • IMPORTANT When you open bot app after installation, make sure grant bot root access.
    • Click "Start Script", configure bot setting. Enjoy botting!