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    Hello, I want to share a easy use remote control software which can help you monitor your bot running status remotely. The advantage is easy use. I think it is better than teamviewer. That's why I want to recommend it here.

    This is a chrome plugin which is developed by Google. So it is very secure and reliable. You can install this plugin via chrome browser. They also provide app which you can install via google play or app store. So you can monitor your bot everywhere.

    Use case:
    When bot is running on your home PC and you are not at home. Then you can use this to monitor and control the bot via your phone. For example, stop the bot and play on your own phone and then start bot again. By using this, you can always run bot on same emulator. You don't need to switch device and lose 6 hours.

    Install link:


    Open the link via Chrome browser and follow the install steps. If you have any using issue, please let me know.

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