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    Install xposed and xprivacy to avoid game detect bot

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    Unfortunately, red finger cloud emulator not allow install xposed framework on it. If you use red finger cloud emulator, this may not work for you.

    1. download xposed and xprivacy.

    xposed: http://download.wwebot.com/xposed.apk
    xprivacy: http://download.wwebot.com/xprivacy.apk

    2. install xposed and privacy.

    3. open xposed and install xposed framework 



    4. after install, reboot your android device, then open xposed you will see xposed installed successfully


    5. then click top left hamburger button, and choose modules, then check xprivacy and reboot emualtor.


    6. after reboot, open xprivacy and choose marevel strike force. Then only check the access you want to disable as below screenshots(check means disable).

    xposed6 (2).png

    xposed6 (3).pngxposed6 (1).png


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