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Found 6 results

  1. admin

    WWE Supercard Bot

    Version Latest


    Please download bot based on your device! For rooted android emulator, red finger cloud emulator, X8 Sandbox and rooted phone: Download this file for rooted device For unrooted android device(may not work): Download this file for unrooted device
  2. boogamankenny

    Network error

    New buyer here. I keep getting the network error on any game mode I play. Reinstalled bot. Started it multiple times. Tried Nox player and LDPlayer4,getting the error on both emulators.
  3. Anthonyt90

    Non rooted android phone.

    Hi there all. This is new to me and I'm looking to start using a bot. I have a non rooted android and was wondering if I can use this as I have tried the non rooted version and nothing happens. Many thanks
  4. How can I play WWE Supercard with 2 accounts at the same time? If I create a new device in Nox with a new google account, the bot still plays with the old account because it always plays with the account from the local save. How can I make the bot play with the Google account? Please help quickly.
  5. Christopher123wwewwe12345

    I got a vanguard card and did not get it

    Did not get my vanguard card
  6. Riley Riley

    The bot

    Do i need to root my android to use this. I have a Samsung Galaxy s8+