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  1. Just noticed all 4 of my acca stuck on there, need sorted immediately. Should be easy fix.
  2. Where is the 6th fusion option the other 5 are useless! Need 6th fusion option nowwww
  3. Fusions are not working now either because of the fusion Friday banner at the top of the screen, you can't write this stuff, its just one annoying problem after another.
  4. You haven't fixed it at all there needs to be 6 options for fusions, now. The dusting enhancements is a joke by now lol.
  5. Sort this quickly, along with the dusting ingredients malarkey! Need a 6th option fusion also, like assp like today like in max 5 hours. Thanks. Yours sincerely, Everyone.
  6. Admin your active everywhere except this post, please answer me now and update ASAP
  7. Thats cause your using speeder 🤣
  8. Bot is stuck here, not buying bouts just getting stuck here...



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