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  1. jralpaca

    Enhancement cards

    This summer fusion thing is making boting very difficult because they are throwing the ingredients at us like they are going out of style. It makes me wonder if CD is doing it on purpose to deter us from boting.
  2. jralpaca

    LMS Set up

    I'm new to this as well. Can someone explain to me what the settings mean. What does bank points if Luck >= 4 mean?
  3. jralpaca

    Training Cards Exceeds 300 Limit

    that's what I did. I locked Monsters cards so I have a total of at least 116 locked cards, so I should never have this problem if the most cards I can get is 284. This is a temp fix. Hopefully, this gets fixed, not just here, but on Supercard as well. Why have a limit of 400 cards at all?
  4. jralpaca

    Key not working

    Long shot, but the key I got does not work. Nothing in the forums has helped, and no way to contact for help. How do I get a hold of admin?