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  1. Thanks, that link didnt work for me for some reason
  2. kakamuh


    This is all a big fake. Use your brains. They banned 1 guy? Really? Nice screenshot btw, showing the date or other useful info. Guy cant even take a proper screenshot? mhhh.. yeeaaah. Dont you think if they really banned anyone there wouldnt be more by now? Especially here saying so? Theres nothing on reddit besides this ONE guy pretending some bullshit from 3rd party information or maybe its not even true what is more likely. That is just some dood trying to spread fear across the botting community trying to back up the empty words from cerebro so they arent completely pointless.
  3. kakamuh

    Multiple Instances

    Hey im running multiple accounts on msf in different instances and i wondered if i can bot in every single one of them or if it would create problems?