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  1. Like if it’s complete and bot just gonna stand there have a option were it presses back that’s what I mean
  2. Can you can sure in team events if team finishes one card and takes a little bit for others to lower the cards to drop down to get next card in event the bot will press back and play other modes till the team switches there cards and can play again here’s a example with picture please add both of theses they would really help.
  3. taker989

    SuperCard Bot V21.32

    Still having problem with no dust getting stuck also it’s locking so many cards instead of training or dusting them happens both on memu and nox
  4. taker989

    Giants Question

    Whats the best bot settings for giants event thanks
  5. taker989

    Issues with RTG

    Sometimes it happens to me I noticed hopefully some time in future we can get update like RD we’re it closes it out when your gonna lose so we don’t need worry about other settings in rtg
  6. taker989

    Dusting Update Request

    Can you make it so it don’t train away special cards from spring cards they added that are pullable from draft board thanks.
  7. taker989

    How do I receive license key

    In your email
  8. taker989

    Bot gets stuck with 0 picks

    Bot gets stuck with 0 pick remaining it does reboot anyway you can make it if it happens it backs out to main screen like you do to store picks no rush thanks
  9. taker989

    Holiday Fusion suggestion

    Oh wow didn’t even notice that thanks
  10. Is there anyway for to have bot just train the gothic enhancements for holiday event if it’s selected on to train fusion chamber quick fix would be awesome since it pulls so many off board
  11. taker989

    SuperCard Bot V21.10

    If you can please add claim free pack option and last man standing giants etc for pack store to click the free pack also so it can store up thanks
  12. taker989

    SuperCard Bot V21.06

    Thanks @admin just a thought I see you have threads for general bugs patches you should make a thread updates so you can alert people on problems that your fixing so people don’t think your ignoring them. Also stuff your working on etc again thanks for hard work the bot definitely come a long way can’t wait to see it advance in future.
  13. taker989


    Having same problem
  14. taker989

    Bot not selecting the game in RD

    I can understand the issues because new season and recoding but my main issue and what I see from others is no communication from him with theses problems just keep us updated what’s going on.
  15. taker989

    SuperCard Bot V21.01

    Update fixed when bot got updated it reset training so adjust that save exit and reboot should work