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  1. KXT

    Bot keeps freezing

    I'll try that tomorrow, at least it's working for the moment in Bluestacks.
  2. KXT

    Bot keeps freezing

    I got it working by rooting Bluestacks and switching to it. Still doesn't work in Nox, at all, you click Run Script and it just cycles forever. On Memu, the app crashes when it tries to change teams.
  3. KXT

    Bot keeps freezing

    Similar problem, been running fine until today. Launch bot, run script, it just hangs, never goes beyond that. Nothing has changed with my emulator. Okay, I uninstalled bot, reinstalled, same thing. Launch bot, run script, it just hangs, never progresses. Bot icon is open, click play on bot icon, nothing happens. Screen never pops up to enter my formal user key.