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  1. autobot_or_decepticon

    Equipment Glitch Anyone care to explain how this is done ?

    OK then Mr. Innocent, If you are truly right then please prove me wrong Next time you report someone for glitching start your report with "Hi, I use a bot in wwe supercard, but I would like to report someone is using a glitch in KOTR to cheat." I didn't think so!!!! **** Insert Mic Drop Here****
  2. autobot_or_decepticon

    Equipment Glitch Anyone care to explain how this is done ?

    Well by logic bot users are bigger cheats than glitchers. (With all due respect to my fellow bot users) The glitch is inside the game using items the game supplies, at no time do you need additional unregulated and unapproved program. To where as with the bot you actually have to download a separate program and run it over the existing program to fool the computer into thinking a human is playing. And since you can't see the difference it's the world that should be scared of you reproducing. You must be digitally privileged !
  3. autobot_or_decepticon

    Equipment Glitch Anyone care to explain how this is done ?

    First let's cheat using a bot to gain unfair advantage and win KOTR because bot charges for us while we sleep. And gets picks from draft board giving us further advantage by getting more tier pulls than others that don't bot. Then when someone finds a way to cheat and beat us at our cheating ways we will report them and get them banned because they took something (Elemental card) that we cheated to get in the first place. Integrally Challenged ?!?
  4. autobot_or_decepticon

    Bot keeps trying to buy featured pack instead of playing

    Enable TRD in event #1 and disable all other game modes then start bot. Bot will load and scroll the wrong way. Use virtual pane to pause bot. Manually scroll to the TRD area and enter, to the start page for TRD bot do not select start. Unpause bot and it should work.
  5. autobot_or_decepticon

    TRD won’t open

    If I set it for TRD in event #1 and disable ALL other game modes, I have successfully made bot play by pausing the bot and scrolling back to TRD and unpausing.
  6. autobot_or_decepticon

    TRD won’t open

    Tried that but my bot backed out and scrolled to the pack deal again. Using MeMu for the record.
  7. autobot_or_decepticon

    TRD won’t open

    @adminIt seems to me that it would work fine if the direction the bot scrolls for events is reversed. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. I have even tried listing TRD as second event and the result is the same.