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  1. Paladin09

    Fusion Chamber Event Not working

    New Summer Event Fusion Chamber does the same thing. Bot just sits there and nothing happens. Bot doesn't even reset. Are any of these recent issues being looked into at all? For $36 a month having the bot freeze and not reset and for it to not be able to navigate these new Yahoo ads is quite an annoying problem. Especially when i set the bot to run for 8-10 hours unattended and comeback to it just sitting there doing nothing.
  2. Paladin09

    Ad issue

    @admin any update on these ads? They have become a very large portion of the ads we get now in the game and if the bot cannot "use" them correctly and just reboots, we are losing ads, aka bouts if this can't be rectified. Can you please look into this. Thank you!
  3. Paladin09

    Multiple Runs on Nox?

    Not sure if this is what the OP was asking, but figured I'd piggyback this thread instead of creating a new one. If I have multiple WWE Supercard accounts that I want to run on multiple instances of NOX on the same computer simultaniously, do I need multiple licenses of the bot or would I be able to do that?
  4. Paladin09

    Card Cap

    @admin They updated the card cap to 400 today and I seen the bot run into a problem today when it chooses more than 300 cards to train at 1 time. Not sure if something could be added to help solve this issue. Right now having the bot select a lower tier to train up to to not have it select 300 cards seems to be a short term work around but then I get stuck with a bunch of cards I'd prefer it used for training. This isn't something major, just wanted to bring it up. Thanks!