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  1. mastereh

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    Can xprivacy be used with redfinger?
  2. mastereh

    What does the following message mean?

    I’m using the cloud emulator
  3. I have the emulator and bot running. But time to time I get the following message "No Operation within 5 min, cloud system will switch to background running mode"? Is there something I need to set to prevent this?
  4. mastereh

    Facebook steps

    I'm a bit unclear regarding the steps of logging into the game through Facebook. I have the game on my iphone and have checked the box to link to my facebook account. I am using the cloud redfinger emulator and when I installed the game using android google play gmail account. I'm not able to select anything other than gmail to log into the game. So I went ahead and used gmail to log into the game. The game obviously treats me as a new player and got to the point where I can access the menu's but I still don't see an option to log into the game through Facebook. Am I missing something? Thanks.