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  1. mastereh

    Will NOT enter Orb Assault blitz

    It’s only a big deal for blitzes. Luckily it’s the red orb and premium orb when this bug was found and not some AAA toon. hope it gets resolved soon.
  2. mastereh

    Will NOT enter Orb Assault blitz

    Same issue.
  3. mastereh

    Server Verifying

    yeah mine was working all night with no issues. I stopped the bot to run some dd3 and raids then went to restart it and now having issues.
  4. mastereh

    Server Verifying

    When I start the bot it doesn't load and keeps saying Server verifying... I'm using redfinger
  5. mastereh

    Please consider

    yeah same here, I ran some blitz manually and was like hell no...
  6. mastereh

    Shop Won't Load

    @adminwhats the latest update on the store? my serial expired a few days ago... Thanks
  7. mastereh

    Please consider

    or at least provide us with an alternative payment method we can use in the interim ... Heck I'd be more than glad to just eft you funds via email @admin
  8. mastereh

    Shop Won't Load

    guess this ride might be over... anyone look into alternatives yet?
  9. mastereh

    Shop Won't Load

    Hope it gets resolved by monday evening.
  10. I've noticed lately that the game is running crazy slow while using redfinger. Anyone else notice this? Any way to speed things up? Thanks
  11. mastereh

    New Bot just released, please download.

    I use redfinger; the bot doesn't select a bunch of my teams then sits there saying no teams available. Then it restarts and this repeats over again.
  12. mastereh

    Possible new feature

    Could you implement an Option for raids: When there are X opponents left on battlefield Then only use Basic Attack I hate seeing my team using an Ultimate attack when there is 1 toon left in raids
  13. mastereh

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    Can xprivacy be used with redfinger?
  14. mastereh

    What does the following message mean?

    I’m using the cloud emulator