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  1. MrUnbreakable

    GU Settings

    So, i need just 10million Points for the heroic update, without spending Credits. So it works fine.
  2. MrUnbreakable

    GU Settings

    Same. Just stopped the Ads for Giants to get some PVP Points.
  3. MrUnbreakable

    GU Settings

    Quit If Match Arrow <6 and use Gear You can try <7, but the bot will spend a lot of time in the Event and you may miss some PvP Bouts and KotR Refills.
  4. MrUnbreakable

    Bot Save picks?

    Did you take a look on this addition?
  5. MrUnbreakable

    LMS Blocks and Reveals

    Yes and when you go to sleep, you got 10 Block/Reveal Cards and dont know, how much you missed.
  6. MrUnbreakable

    LMS Blocks and Reveals

    Otherwise an option, "dont play, if you dont have reveals and blocks", so the Bot can farm them in the other modes
  7. MrUnbreakable

    Spend maximum Time in one Mode

    Hi, sorry for my bad english. There should be an addition to spend only x minutes in one Mode. If you are playing RTG or Giants and have the auto-quit on, you'll miss some PVP Matches, Refills in KotR and so on. My Idea is a cycle like: KOTR refill/restart 15 Minutes Event MITB PVP 10 WildMatches (for KotR Energy) and so on
  9. Can you explsin it to me, Zoo?
  10. MrUnbreakable

    Bot Save picks?

    Where is the Limit and what happen, If you reach it and get 25free picks from KotR?
  11. MrUnbreakable

    Bot Save picks?

    Is there a Limit Like the 50 picks in RD?
  12. MrUnbreakable


    Its the Maximum. Everything Below this Tier will be used.
  13. MrUnbreakable


    That would he helpfull, if the bot can remember/recognize, which arrows have been used in round 1. Example: Round one is yellow down So he can use every matching arrows and the yellow down arrows in round 2. But i think, that isnt possible, otherwise the bot didnt have to check in/out every card.
  14. MrUnbreakable


    Stupid me. You will need about 10 wildmatches for the KOTR Energy. You'll get one energy for every bout. KOTR refill/restart 15 Minutes Event MITB/PVP 10 WildMatches and so on This should be a good addition.
  15. MrUnbreakable


    Maybe an 15minute circle. Try to play the Event for 15 Minutes, then check MITB, KOTR and PVP. Only play Wildmatches, if you dont have any bouts in the other modes. That would be helpful with RTG too (since there is the great new option for closing the game in the last round).