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  1. Fifi

    What does the following message mean?

    guessing you are using redfinger cloud emulator. when that message appears just means you yourself haven't touched the emulator in a while. so it closes your connection to the server. The bot doesn't close it keeps running on the server.
  2. Fifi


    Any estimate on when you will add arena to the bot?
  3. Fifi

    Ultimus and Greek settings.

    Ah OK, my alliance doesn't have assigned lanes I guess I'll choose a radom lane and hope for the best
  4. For ultimus and Greek, how do I set it? If I set a path and someone is there what will happen? Would it be possible for auto select the nodes in an update so the bit can choose itself without us setting the path it has to go?
  5. Does the bot collect the daily log in rewards? If it doesn't what happens at that screen?