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  1. Gunnolf

    Orb assault still broken

    Welp, bot is still broken for Sunday blitzes. Set to Normal/Orb, it runs red star blitz. Set to Red Star, it sits and does nothing at the blitz select menu.
  2. Gunnolf

    Will NOT enter Orb Assault blitz

    Lost a whole night because of this, I want time back @admin
  3. Gunnolf

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.47

    It was also busted for me. There were a couple updates mid-April. The first one didn't work, but the second one did. I use Nox and recommended resolution settings.
  4. Gunnolf

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.47

    This was fixed, for me at least, a couple weeks ago.
  5. Gunnolf

    Did not run arena all night

    So I can't say exactly where it messed up. I suspect it's still sticking in raids until it gets 'stuck' and times out. But neither of my bots did a single arena run last night (and I confirmed both bots were still set to 'enable', I never turn it off but I still checked). @admin
  6. Gunnolf

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.43

    With an ~hour left in my license, I was ready to write this off as abandoned. Is there any way that you can set licenses up to add time rather than issue a new license? I'm gonna be out of the house for the rest of the day so yeah, I renewed, but it basically burns out that ~hour left on the old license.
  7. Gunnolf

    Any reason to resub?

    @admin Got a lot of feedback and issues that are not being addressed. I've got two subs I keep going, don't see a lot of point if quick fixes like the update *yesterday* can't be addressed. Blitz is broken with the team cap increase, and has consistency issues outside of that, even using the recommended Nox Player (which I don't really love anyway). Lots of suggestions, no implementation, radio silence for a month. Any reason it's worth it to resub?
  8. Gunnolf

    Issues with new update

    Same and same. I assume this is just a matter of adding a spot-check for the numbers 31-40 to the bot's recognition system.
  9. Gunnolf

    save settings

    How often do you feel you have to reinstall? I can count on one hand how often I've had to re-install (not including initial install), across several laptops/emulators/phones.
  10. So I noticed that the Greek raids have options for separate paths, since there are three different raids. It would be great if you could set different paths for U1-U7 raids. My group typically runs U6, because most of them are not at the point of consistently performing at U7. But we do U7 once a week, and if I'm doing life-things (which is often as a firefighter), then the bot is gonna try to follow my generic U6 path and neuter progression, both for me and the group, since I'm one of the strongest teams. Basically, please give the option to program separate Ultimus raid-difficulty paths, like different Greek raids have.
  11. Gunnolf

    Blitz results analysis

    Keep in mind win/loss is useless if you don't know what tier it happened in, since difficulty ramps with higher blitz tiers.
  12. Also keep in mind that more people are blitzing more regularly, since it is easier to do. I used to regularly get 1% placement or better, until simming came out. Suddenly it's a 10-minute commitment every couple hours, instead of an hour+ commitment. More people are doing it more regularly, which means lower overall placement if you're using a system that deliberately battles the lowest opponent every time. I have been using the bot since July and my overall blitz points have been consistently increasing with my rotation's power level. *My* blitz score has been consistent. My *placement* took a dive when simming came out because, again, it became easier.
  13. Gunnolf

    feature request

    I used to sort my teams from strongest to weakest. I literally only do it weakest-strongest because of this bot. @admin, it makes a lot of sense from a team-creation perspective. I don't have to edit my top teams, it's gonna be Symbiote/Asgard/Black Order/Inhuman/Brotherhood/etc. The best teams stay generally the same. But when you delete and save a new team, where do they show up? At the bottom. So for high-level players, when you make a new team (since you can't just replace slots), you gotta save it and then move it up 20+ slots so it's in the right position for blitz advancement. If the blitz bot could be set to cycle backward (from #30 to #1, instead of forward from #1 to #30) it would allow a lot more option for saving squads, since Scopely isn't helping out.
  14. Gunnolf

    Bots turned themselves off

    Dunno how to really describe since I was not actively monitoring them, since that's the point of bots. But. I run two bots on two accounts, both of which are active subscription. Minimized my browser with both running in the background, to check on their progress. Both showed the little overlay bot icon as gray/inactive. Clicked on the hidden overlay icon on one, and it lit back to green, and started actually working again. The other account did the same, about the same time. Even when all prescribed operations are done, the overlay icons never went gray on me while running. Dunno that I can reproduce, and not gonna mess with learning a video recording program to try to upload. Just passing along what happened.