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  1. clewis

    SuperCard Bot V20.41

    Thank you
  2. clewis

    Clash Of Champions

    In the new update they added a confirmation screen when you click to refill bouts. The bot doesn't know to click yes on that second prompt. Hopefully @admin can fix this soon because it will affect all events not just CoC
  3. clewis

    Buy Bouts

    Please, it's getting stuck in CoC
  4. clewis

    Force Support usage

    Put the support on the right side slot. I've had no issues with the bot not using the supports during matches
  5. Is there a way to configure the bot to purchase block and reveal cards in LMS? It uses them if I have them, but doesnt buy them by default
  6. clewis

    update failed

    It bypassed the update prompt and went back into the game.
  7. clewis

    update failed

    I can't update it either