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  1. sextonhardcastle

    Store is fixed

    Thank you admin.
  2. sextonhardcastle

    Bot 36 shop doesn't load

    1) The store to purchase keys has been SUSPENDED for almost a week. Zero communication from the admin on what he’s doing to find a solution to fix his store or to take other payments. 2) Paying customers know the bot will take a couple weeks of programming until it’s totally Season 7 ready. Zero communication on whether he’s working on it at all or when he expects to start. 3) He vanished for 3 days after it happened, then came back and fixed a MSF problem and has solely posted on that forum. Hasn’t posted in WWE once since showing back up. Are some people being over dramatic? Yes. But that problem would be solved with actual communication. The longer it takes to give any info, the more likely some of us find out grinding this season really is easy and save out money.
  3. sextonhardcastle

    Bot 36 shop doesn't load

    Well Admin finally popped in a few hours ago and supposedly fixed a MSF bot problem. Hopefully we get a Shop update sooner than later.
  4. sextonhardcastle

    Bot 36 shop doesn't load

    No the admin flat out stated days ago that his shop was suspended. That wasn’t his choice. If it was his personal decision to not sell keys until he implemented a Season 7 upgrade he’d have informed us. Fixes to the MSF bot that he said would be done days ago haven’t happened either. The facts are this...his shop is suspended, one bot might be barely useable tomorrow, the other bot has problems, the admin hasn’t been seen online in 3 days and apparently it was a one man show since no one else has popped in on the forum or is working on the bots. I hope the admin is alright but I wish everyone tagging him would realize he’s MIA. Hope for the best but realize we all might be back to old school grinding come tomorrow evening.
  5. sextonhardcastle

    Stuck on verifying server

    Server issues are something the admin would have zero control over even if he was around. I hope he’s ok, but truth be told he’s been MIA for going on 2 days.
  6. sextonhardcastle

    License key

    Whiny little bitch...classy. No need to name call. I’ve been plenty patient with the admin because I enjoy his product. He’s been missing for over 24 hours though with no updates so I’m being a realist...some of us are back to our grinding ways.
  7. sextonhardcastle

    License key

    You mean other than a lot of people are getting fed up with the issues over the past few months and are getting kind of antsy about forking anymore money over? First the software went down completely and had to be reprogrammed in which he did the right thing and extended keys. There’s still issues depending on which emulator you use. Now his store is SUSPENDED which is a huge red flag especially with very little updates coming since this happened. Why exactly was his shop suspended? It’s worrying and after being unable to use the bot for LMS while I’m working because of whatever shady reason the shop is shut down...I’m very weary at this point about giving them more money IF they ever get this payment issue fixed.
  8. sextonhardcastle

    License key

    Personally I like the idea floated in the Marvel Strike Force forum. If it’s possible then keys should be extended until the payment problem is resolved. It’s not like it would cost the admin any money by doing so considering he can’t make money off of us currently anyways.
  9. sextonhardcastle

    Giants Request

    Yup what he said. When the bot takes only correct arrows the first two rounds it would make the 6-7-8 arrow option a little more effective and useful. For the fun of it I left it on the highest arrow option to see how many matches it won overnight. The answer is none.
  10. sextonhardcastle

    Giants Request

    I’m probably wasting my time with this because I’ve seen it requested multiple times to no avail but here we go. We really need an update to Giants where it only takes the highlighted arrows the first two rounds. It cannot be that hard to program the bot to do less. If this is never going to be implemented then there is zero point to having options for 7-8 arrows because it’ll literally only win a match a handful of times a day. This would make the bot a lot more useful for Giants.
  11. sextonhardcastle

    Bot not starting

    Same...another team event...another bot meltdown.
  12. sextonhardcastle

    SuperCard Bot V20.43

    I’m normally pretty patient with things like this...but the constant stop and go with “ror” is getting irritating.
  13. sextonhardcastle

    SuperCard Bot V20.43

    Yup same as everyone else. Was working fine and now ror as well.
  14. sextonhardcastle

    SuperCard Bot V20.42

    Only real problem I’ve had is the bot will sometimes reboot SuperCard. It was just doing draft pics and suddenly closed.
  15. sextonhardcastle

    SuperCard Bot V20.42

    I got it to work. I had to put it in Mobile phone view and not tablet.