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  1. Only issue would be the milestones. When a character specific one comes up it’s going to filter just that character out and it won’t be able to fill the team.
  2. Afkay

    Issues with bot

    Hey @admin First off thank you for all your hard work on getting this up and running. It seems to run ok it does still stop blitzing with teams available sometimes even with enabling the timer setting on the main page of the bot. Also for some reason it always skips team 27 and 28 for me. Most of the teams seemed to be enabled by default but I can’t see them to check or adjust. Is there anyway to adjust the size of the saved teams settings. I included a pic of what it looks like to me.
  3. @BlueBallsBlitzmore will unlock once you are higher level
  4. Afkay

    Signing out of Facebook?

    Every once in a while I come back in and the bot is trying to blitz but it can’t because it is on a starter account because it somehow logged me out of Facebook. It is rare and it’s not a huge deal just wondered if that was common or something I can do to stop it because it has cost me a few rotations here and there. I am using bot on redfinger. Thanks
  5. Afkay

    Red Finger Error

    Is it actually shutting the game off? Or just taking you out of redfinger? Mine will timeout as well if their is no physical interaction, but is still running the bot on the cloud. So if I go back in it is still running.
  6. Afkay

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    @adminJust a quick question, my concern I had with redfinger which is what I’ve been using is the time zone difference. I’m east coast but redfinger is west coast are you in a similar boat? Is it something that might draw attention with it jumping back and forth between time zones?
  7. Afkay

    Dark dimension?

    Any thought of adding dd into the bot as well? Also being able to assign a saved team for parts of raids would be cool. And the ability to type in nodes on the raid screen instead of the drop down would be awesome as well. Very happy with everything so far. Keep up the great work.