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  1. Josh Hodgson

    New fusion chamber event not working

    Thanks @admin
  2. Bot is getting to the fusion chamber even page clicks on the fusion chamber but doesnt actually start the fusion
  3. Josh Hodgson

    Captcha issues on 720p

    captcha isnt being entered correctly on 720p which is causing bot to sleep constantly
  4. Josh Hodgson

    Elimination chamber issue

    Looks like the issue must be using 720p setting as I am having the same issue
  5. When clicking run script to start the bot the window does not appear to select what I want to set the bot to play. I have re-installed the bot multiple times and used both nox and memu same thing happening
  6. Josh Hodgson

    Captcha issue Memu

    @admin attached is a screenshot directly from memu. unable to use nox as the supercard app keeps saying it has stopped working all the settings are correct in memu I have double checked and created a new emulator in memu and getting the same issue
  7. Josh Hodgson

    Captcha issue Memu

    Running on Memu but the captcha is not working it keeps selecting one incorrect number every time there is a captcha and stops it from running I keep having to close the bot enter the captcha and restart the bot