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  1. wwesupercard32

    TRD won’t open

    I had the same issue. I just restarted the bot and paused it. I moved over to the TRD. It works fine. I wish we had a button to click off supports in TRD because I'm having 2 - minus opponent support cards. I am leading so can't subtract from my opponent.
  2. wwesupercard32

    I cant play WWE SuperCard with 2 devices! Please Help

    Will this work for a facebook account? Thanks!
  3. wwesupercard32

    Nox Update

    Have you installed the new update yet?
  4. wwesupercard32

    SuperCard Bot V20.36

  5. wwesupercard32

    Trtg not picking opponent

    Do you the most recent bot? .34?
  6. wwesupercard32

    SuperCard Bot V20.33

    The bot is working great for me. Thanks for the hard work! There is some little things but for the first COC event you did a great job.
  7. wwesupercard32

    Clash of Champions

    Admin needs someone to test the update
  8. wwesupercard32

    Bot doesnt work since the new update

    Mine is working fine. You might want to log in and choose your champion.
  9. wwesupercard32

    TRD Issue

    Is there an option to turn using support cards off in TRD? I've run into an issue where my team has chosen support cards against the opponent. Thanks!
  10. wwesupercard32


    I wasn't aware this worked on Bluestacks.
  11. wwesupercard32

    First time buyer

    @Cleanliest Thanks! I'm really glad you mentioned it.
  12. wwesupercard32

    First time buyer

    I'm looking forward to checking this out. If anyone has any tips that are overlooked for first time user that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. wwesupercard32

    RTG and RD without coins?

    Definitely that will help @admin