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  1. Kerberos9

    Getting banned?

    They never responded to their op and showed no substantive evidence besides an awkward post that didn't show the ban reason. Troll perhaps.
  2. Kerberos9


    I think that they've started recording analytics for the future. If they knew who we were they'd have retroactively banned us. The threat going forward makes it seem more like they have data collection potential now, so now their going to accrue it and watch, then do a ban wave. I'd like to see a bit more proactiveness coming from admin on this since it's his product, and owners of products usually want happy re-buying customers but a wait and see attitude is.. disappointing. There are not a lot of ways they can track us, but we could already be moving for introducing far more entropy into the system to hide from it. To the FN/Scopely employee subbed and reading this thread, hi! Fix your dumbass mode of game so I can enjoy my time instead of waste it m'kay?
  3. Kerberos9


    Heat maps. I run analytics for a lot of websites. I can track your mouse, your finger, your keypresses, sometimes the pressure itself. Before I found this I used to setup a dumb macro, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.. big block punches, repetition--it would be like sending out morse code in the night. Very easy to isolate if say 800 of us were using my old macro because we're all using the display in the same way. This app may not be a hack, but it is entering feedback. If the feedback shares a commonality it can most certainly be figured out. The trick is making the commonality blend in with a human so well if they try and ban us they end up banning 20% of their population unfairly and that causes such a kick up they can't do it. (Again like my Xim + Fortnight tale.) Cerebro thinks they have a finger on what's going on. Maybe it's not this bot but another one. But until we hear from the creator, I'd err on the side of caution.
  4. Kerberos9


    Reminds me when Xim tried to get a beatdown by Fortnight by finding a pattern to hone in on. If the script has any basic mechanism it'll be ferreted out. Xim created a lot more 'human-jitter' into the feed and when Epic tried to cook Xim users, it ended up false-positiving so many people they had to back off. I don't have a heatmap of how this works but I bet you if there is not enough chaos in the stream we could quite easily get nailed.
  5. Kerberos9

    Possible Auto Lose Feature?

    Weird though since most people I know have a couple auto lose teams or at the very least grab their bottom roster and dump it. Not a new idea by any stretch.
  6. Kerberos9

    Settings not Saving?

    Reinstalled, setup, launched, stopped, quit, closed, relaunched, seems to have held this round. Thanks.
  7. Kerberos9

    Settings not Saving?

    I keep having to enter my key and my blitz teams each time I launch. Is there a save button I'm missing?
  8. Kerberos9

    Bluestacks 4 and Mac

    FWIW Koplayer doesn't seem to work on Catalina. Strangely enough with some footwork I got Mac + Parallels + Win10 + Nox to work but that was some serious inception level shit. 😄
  9. Kerberos9

    Mac Users?

    Don't cloud emulators have a pretty steep price?
  10. Kerberos9

    Mac Users?

    Bluestacks I can't seem to get a rooted version to work and Nox doesn't support mutli-vm's so I can't seem to get a version that allows for MSF to even be downloaded. Any mac users in the house and how are you getting around limitations?