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  1. IKuan

    SuperCard Bot V20.41

    @admin - Thank you, 🙂 the ads work perfect, training up WM36 - awesome. hoping you can update when next LMS hits.
  2. IKuan

    Force Support usage

    Hmm odd my task is already completed in like 2hrs, support cards were used.
  3. IKuan


    @admin - any update on LMS setup, we been asking since above and longer.
  4. IKuan

    Not not working

    Nvm @admin - it froze a few times and started working on its own?
  5. IKuan

    Not not working

    Hi, @admin - the bot is not working, seems to be stuck even when I disable Gaints, it just stays the main page and doesn’t move.
  6. IKuan

    GU Settings

    Update - 15mil , 0 spent..
  7. IKuan

    GU Settings

    What are you talking the bot works good with GU, I finish Herioc with the bot all the time. I don’t send more than 500 credits, mostly on bouts. <6 is a good setting. I’m half way to Johnny without sending.
  8. IKuan

    advertisements 24h

    This is not controlled by the BOT.. the ads and limits are set by Catdaddy and 2K.
  9. I wish I can find you in the game and report you!!
  10. Did you report Zoom bbq and other YouTuber? They get an advantage every time with free credits and cards.
  11. You seriously reporting people when you are cheating yourself by using the BOt? Using the bot is cheating as well! It giving you advantage by charging kotr, play pvp and other modes over other whom don’t use bot. using bot , buying credits and using the glitch all are the same. How will you feel if you got banned because someone reported you for using a bot. there is no difference in using the glitch or bot, an advantage is an advantage, however you make it.
  12. IKuan

    LMS Set up

    The Best I got was 789 Johnny. I did press luck <4 and last day spent 5K
  13. You guys have discord, I can show you. im not going to explain it here
  14. IKuan

    Credits 3rd party

    You just need a good seller, been buying and using bot since S2( good ‘ ol PCC) current prices: 49$ = 30K 73$ = 45 99$ =60K