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  1. Guytoune13

    Red star rampage/normal

    Thanks ! 👍 Actually, what I usually do is I have a round at the premium till I 100% it to get the rewards and then I focus on red stars. But this is maybe way too specifc and not that easily done so... Just a thought. While I'm a it, a checkbox to exclude premium and red star from the "Use25" would be really neat 😄.
  2. Guytoune13

    Red star rampage/normal

    Hi, Could the "red star rampage" blitz option become a "red star rampage/normal" so we don't have to change it every monday ? Regards
  3. Guytoune13

    Bot settings

    Hello, As a first time user I was wondering if the bot settings are supposed to be persisted ? Each time I run the script I get an empty form... It would be nice to be able to save multiple presets (eg: normal and rampage). While I'm at it, some question mark icons with a tooltip would be nice to help understing the purpose of some settings 🙂