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  1. Elevate


    can you please make bot use court controls
  2. Elevate

    Rivals Clash

    any update on this?
  3. Elevate


    even tho i know you dont care but can you atleast make bot look for x2 in KOTC like you have them look for x5s in Wwe SC its literally the same mode shouldnt be hard
  4. Elevate

    Rivals Clash

    he wont he doesnt care about the MyNba bot we've been asking for this n ads for the longest
  5. Elevate

    Ads n Momentums

    can you make bot use momentums in events and in reigning threes also any update on ads?
  6. Elevate

    ads for free bouts

    i guess he just doesnt give a fuck about NBA bot clearly have people asking for ADs but wont take the time out of your day to please your customers n update bot !?
  7. Elevate


    sucks at events doesnt watch ads admin just doesnt care about nba bot like he does SC bot we basically paying $36 for a quick game bot either lower the price or make the bot as good as SC
  8. Elevate

    Bot only playing few quick games then restarting

    im having the same issue everytime i wake up bot isnt playing
  9. Elevate

    ads for free bouts

    no reason for bot to be the same price as SC if we dont get the same features ads is a major part
  10. Elevate


    when will bot be able to watch Ads for bouts like on SC
  11. Elevate

    Credits 3rd party

    message me where you get them from please
  12. Elevate

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    bot getting stuck on coc first round -Nox user
  13. Elevate

    not responding

    has anyone found a fix for the not responding thing yet its been 7days n still doing it
  14. Elevate

    Not responding

    im having the same issue dont know if its a supercard thing or the bot
  15. Elevate

    SuperCard Bot V19.80

    currently a problem with PVP bout time so if you could make the bot refresh the app when its time to play PVP like what u did with Giants it would be trul helpful thank you