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  1. hotdenae

    Up coming releases

    I would like the option to buy for multiple months at a time so i dont have to keep reseting up bot
  2. hotdenae

    Arena Support

    I agree
  3. hotdenae


    @admin posted 20 minutes ago in bugs section, hopefully we hear something soon.
  4. hotdenae

    blitz loop

    Do you have it set to formal user or trial user?
  5. hotdenae

    Red star rampage/normal

    You can manually disable - but it would be nice for auto recognition.
  6. hotdenae

    Dark dimension?

    Don't care much for DD, but not the worst idea. -Type in for raids would be amazing. I am always changing lanes and it takes forever to re-assign.
  7. hotdenae

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.19

    I'm no coder but I think the code would need to have action of: <selected auto lose tier> <view teams 12,17,19,26><auto lose> Similar to current team options of disable, enable, use25 - you could add auto lose. So when you hit that specific tier, the bot will go to one of the designated auto lose teams.
  8. hotdenae

    Best Blitz Rank + TCP

    jeez. that's awesome! best of luck on the IH Blitz going on!!
  9. hotdenae

    Raid Lanes

    Dumb of me! Nothing you did wrong.
  10. hotdenae

    Cycle trough saved squads in blitz

    bot can analyze the entire roster faster by scrolling rather than clicking through. clicking through it would slow team selection down
  11. hotdenae

    Best Blitz Rank + TCP

    Hey Fellow Time Savers (lol), I was wondering what your best ranking (roughly, don't give exacts just in case) and what is your TCP (roughly, don't give exacts just in case)? For me, I'm around 5m TCP and my best ranking yet for a popular blitz has been 1000-1500; and for unpopular blitz, I have been top 10.
  12. hotdenae

    Auto Lose

    why 3.7? whats your tcp/stp?
  13. hotdenae

    Raid Lanes

    Awesome, thank you!! The more you know, right? lol. I've been messing up my raids for over a month, top 100 alliance.. oops
  14. hotdenae

    Raid Lanes

    Hello, Is there a map that shows which lanes are labeled as what? I don't understand the letter system. I tried selecting what I thought was right and I was way off.
  15. hotdenae

    NOX MEmu Issue

    CPU: Intel Core i7-4510U RAM: 2x8GB DDR3L, 1600 MHz What's a cloud emulator? I have never done this before I'm sorry.