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  1. RogerRabbit

    Request for bot

    This is perfect, thank you admin. Runs flawlessly on my phone, amazing!
  2. RogerRabbit

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.10

    Got the new update, was it just performance based?
  3. RogerRabbit

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.09

    Also wanted to point out that the new Alpha raid doesn’t have all the nodes selectable.
  4. RogerRabbit

    NOX MEmu Issue

    I chose the 720 resolution instead of the higher one and the black screen on memu stopped. I also left my computer settings to not turn off the screen when inactive
  5. RogerRabbit

    Spending Blitz Energy

    Love the new changes to the update, thank you! I wanted to know if it was possible to add an option to use cores for blitz attacks? The use 25 is useful until you run out of blitz energy.