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  1. as the title says, when i try start bot after a restart i get "bot failed to initialize runnning enviroment" ?? *edit* restart fixed, weird
  2. Cataplus

    Store paypal link not working

    @adminim getting the same, trying to renew and it saying paypal isnt working properly, would that be your side or theirs?
  3. Cataplus

    Doom Raids

    @admin a Dark Dimension for the new starters would be a good idea, even with the border reward?
  4. Cataplus

    save settings

    not a major deal @admin if its jjust me with eth reinstall problem, it might be something my end so don't stress about it
  5. Cataplus

    save settings

    i've had to reinstall nox and bot a few times
  6. Cataplus

    Blitz results analysis

    you're a star! i was mindlessly going through my roster making adjustments hoping it'll work but this would allow us to get the most out of our 8 rotations
  7. Cataplus

    save settings

    @admin is there a way of import/exporting your saved settings? when ever i have to do a reinstall i CBA to input every time XD
  8. you have to optimize your team rotation for sure to win teams and then a team to lose at 8.x to stay in the 8x multiplier otherwise you'll sit at 5/6x depending on roster.
  9. Cataplus

    Unrooted device

    @admin I have the razer 2 phone and unrooted, tried downloading the bot for unrooted device gave permissions and set up bot as I normally would on pc, when I select the game to bot it crashes. Any idea on a fox for this?
  10. Cataplus

    Bot gets stuck on Alpha Raid

  11. Cataplus

    Best blitz set up?

    Trying to configure bot to get the most out of blitz and can't figure it out, Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the max blitz score out of your roster?
  12. Cataplus

    stuck at 36%

    yea i ended up having to do a full reinstall of everything then it worked
  13. Cataplus

    license key

  14. Cataplus

    stuck at 36%

    has anyone else had an issue where the game just wont boot past 36% on nox? i was runing the bot all day yesterday near perfectly until the RTA objectives were done and i only had knockouts left then started giving me anomalys is there some new settings that im not aware of that may b e clashing?
  15. Cataplus

    RTA game crash

    not sure if anyone else is getting the same but it would seem when i only have knockouts left to do in objectives the game will get anomaly every time when trying to find a match