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  1. Cataplus

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    with them, key has ran out now till the 2nd but from the announcement up till this monrning i have been on 24/7 with no issues but with all things like this its all at your own risk
  2. Cataplus

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    with xprivacy on as directed by admin
  3. Cataplus

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    Still going hard and fast boys! the risk adds to the fun 😉
  4. Cataplus


    could you make another menu for red star rampage with saved team slots? i know its minor but im lazy and having to keep counting my teams and see what teams arent able to do it is a pain 😛 Also still botting constantly no issues
  5. Cataplus


    I have been on all night, no issue. I have just changed my game settings to close game during wait and added the timer so im not logging back in bang on rest. have also just installed the xprivacy as well but it seems though the game is now downloading on every page it turns out so i think im not going to turn off close game as my internet sucks. but ill keep you guys posted on here twice a day
  6. Cataplus

    Getting banned?

    Im doing it now 🙂 i personally think the first photo is a decoy as no one else has said about getting banned yet from what i can see and they'll probably add a shield that'll require a bypass. If thats the case I'm part of other forums who make bypasses for Nexon games so maybe able to sort something
  7. Cataplus

    Getting banned?

    been botting all night just came back and im still fine, i personally believe its fake as i dont think they can actually tell if your botting, theres no hack prevention system in place
  8. Cataplus

    Getting banned?

    they have already started banning people, just got sent a pic of someones banned account. Not sure how they are detecting but if you want to carry on botting i think its best to close game during wait. I'm still going to be botting for the rest of the event so ill let you know if i get banned or not. need an excuse to quit the gamne anyway 😛
  9. Cataplus

    Greek lanes

    Oh awesome! So lane 1/2/3 is is order? As in 1-alpha and so on?
  10. Cataplus

    Greek lanes

    I see on the latest update you have added, Greek lanes 1/2/3 How does this differ from the normal node assignment? Not sure if I'm just being a noob here.
  11. Cataplus

    Bot glitching

    when i try to change the node for ultimus the bot jumps about, doesnt let me change then starts to run itself
  12. Cataplus

    Ultimus and Greek settings.

    it will contine the route and hop over the person and do the nodes its able to
  13. Cataplus

    New member suggestions

    Hi all, Been a member of the botting community now 10+ years and a member bot36 for almost a month now and i think the bot is awesome and will defo bee renewing my sub and thx for the hard work! Its probably all been said before but do you plan on adding anymore to this bot? as it is all done on screen and doesnt change any memory would you consider putting in an option to collect the free basic orbs as they can hold some gems some times. I was also thining on team changes during raids? ive found that the bot loops quite a bit when the team you have selected originally cant be used or a member is dead. so like it would on blitz but say you use the blitz team numbers so once x team dies load x team until there are no teams left to raid with then it turns off the raid option internally and just goes back to blitzing.
  14. Cataplus

    Time frames on updates

    Hi everyone! New to Bot36 but not the botting/hacking scene, how long does it normally take the dev to implement an update after patch days?