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  1. Grimshadows

    Any reason to resub?

    Same here Nox. I reinstalled MSF and its working now 😃
  2. Grimshadows

    Any reason to resub?

    Blitz is not working right for me, it switches to the next team and for some reason minimizes. Has been working fine up until the patch they released this morning that fixed raids.
  3. Grimshadows

    Feature Request

    Is there any chance on the squad screen we can get a couple buttons added. One that lets you set all teams to use 25 or enable or disable. It can be a pain going through them constantly and having to enable and set to use 25. A toggle all button would be nice 😃
  4. Grimshadows

    Missing images for MSF on Nox

    I still believe this is a assets issue with not completely downloading and not the "combat" graphics mode, the option you selected in the advanced options which only affects combat play itself, it should not have any impact on the home screen or raid selection screen. 😃 The important thing is though it is fixed for you! 😃
  5. Grimshadows

    Missing images for MSF on Nox

    It does this sometimes when a fresh install happens, not all assets are downloaded. Eventually they will download. This also isn't something that is just Nox, I have had this happen on Nox, Blue Stacks, IOS and Android phone.
  6. Grimshadows

    Bot timing out at server verification

    Looks like @admin posted in the WWE super card forums saying its not on his end, as they are having issues too.
  7. Grimshadows

    Bot timing out at server verification

    Same here stuck at Server verifing then says empty and goes back to server verifing.
  8. Grimshadows

    So Obviously Something Halts the Bot

    I can confirm that it does indeed randomly stop. Using Blustacks myself. Started with last update.
  9. Grimshadows

    New Bot just released, please download.

    Click the ninja icon and then click play the options will appear.
  10. Grimshadows

    08/17/2020 Latest Update for MSF Bot migration

    I found the issue, was the setting in Display mode of Blue Stacks, make sure its set to phone and not tablet mode, or it wont work 😃
  11. Grimshadows

    08/17/2020 Latest Update for MSF Bot migration

    @admin The bot appears to be working some what, after getting through the Chinese characters. I have setup the options and the teams. The issue though is once the game loads, the bot does not go to the blitz screen it just sits on the main screen, then the bot follows up saying Stuck game restarting. I have tried both on 720 and 1080 with same result. I am using Bluestacks and it is rooted. I have tried both the unrooted and the rooted APK. EDIT: Found the issue. For anyone else using Blue Stacks, make sure under display options its set to phone and not tablet mode. Once i switched this, everything worked fine.
  12. Grimshadows

    SuperCard Bot V20.43

    really? lol From the download page itself.
  13. Grimshadows

    Response from XSCRIPT framework developer

    Yeah admin received an update from them as well. Looks like it will take a bit for him to rebuild the bot. He did state though he will extend the license time.
  14. Grimshadows

    so i decided to Download Mewu...

    There is def something going on with lag and your bot program. Even using Bluestacks when the program is running for long periods of times it creates huge lag where the game is unplayable. If you turn off the bot though the lag instantly goes away. Usually i just shut down the emu and restart it and things are fine for a bit. Not for sure if this is a memory issue or something. This is seen in both Nox and Bluestacks from what i have seen.