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  1. gary845


    Yeah it's basically like a key logger, if they have one of those for peoples accounts and notice the same inputs happening causing the same patterns without even a 'misclick', that's the worrying thing. Also I think the admins reply is absolute rubbish, it's all fine and well just saying dont use it...but you are selling this bot to people, and some will be at the start or in the middle of their month of use. It surely should be upto you as the seller of the bot to share some more reassuring words or your view on the situation/post rather than basically just give your buyers the finger and tell them to fuck off in other words. Just abit of advice there, I dont think it comes off well
  2. gary845

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.19

    I'm also all for this idea of been able to select an auto lose option for a team. For example I use 23 blitz teams, that means I can make saved squads in the slots after that with unused characters to drop down multiple tiers with 3 or more losses in a row after my run. That would be great
  3. gary845

    How undetectable is this bot really?

    Dont you have to pay for that emulator?
  4. gary845

    Reddit thread

    Just want to share my thoughts on this. I'm fully aware that the bot doesnt actually affect the game itself and only clicks the screen for you. But still surely theres a logbook of your actions built on your account for every command/click etc which when it notices you making the EXACT same clicks for a long period of time without any misclick ever happening. Then I would imagine just by looking for undisturbed patterns on peoples logs of their accounts input would allow them to decide who is infact using a bot. Because even if you are someone who no lifes on this game, at some point while blitzing your behaviour would slightly change, or you would maybe exit out of a match here and there, you would maybe not auto every 100 WOULD have a misclick every now and then. If you simply check a log of an accounts commands. It is easily detectable.. so will always be a risk
  5. gary845

    Bot not rooted after bluestacks update

    Fixed the license key. But still need another way to root bluestacks newest version 4.2
  6. gary845

    Bot not rooted after bluestacks update

    I'm trying to see up box in the mean time but it says my license key is invalid please help asap
  7. Bluestacks just updated and now the BTStweaker I used to root it no longer works. Any other way to root bluestacks? Otherwise I cant use bot! Need a fix asap
  8. gary845

    Regarding license length

  9. gary845

    Regarding license length

    I'm completely aware of that I think you misunderstood my question. My question is, if I have activated my license key already, but am not going to get to use it now for 1 or 2 weeks. Is there any way to extend my license by that amount? Or a way for it to only count down your 30 days for every day it's used to avoid missing out? Otherwise I've bought a month of usage, then due to circumstances changing, I will miss upto half a month.
  10. Quick question, I more than likely wont be able to use the bot over the next week or 2. Which seems ashame when we pay for a month of use for it, is there any way that it can just track how long a bot has been active on a licence key for? Rather than having an expiry date? Because I would of barely used it throughout the month as a whole
  11. gary845

    Request for bot

    Sorted out now that was actually really easy thanks for that!
  12. gary845

    Request for bot

    Just had a look that would work great. What would I search for in google play store? Just so I know I get the right app, as in assuming the link in that message is to go on the pc
  13. gary845

    Request for bot

    Hey I was just wondering if it is at all possible to have an option to delay the restarting of game when it gets stuck, for anything upto say 30 mins? I'm just thinking a scenario where if I have the bot running on the pc at home on an important blitz I dont want to miss, but at the same time I need to get raid attacks in on nodes I simply cant auto, so cant leave upto the bot. It would be good to be able to log on the game on my phone and have enough time to do upto 5 raid battles before I get anomaly detected half way through a fight due to the bot relogging in. I dont expect this to be a priority, but I personally would really appreciate it if this is something that could be implemented for those with the same idea. Let me know your thoughts, thanks
  14. gary845

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.09

    Great release. I also would really like an option to assign 5 characters to be selected for each node, similar to how the bot picks extra teams. Without that at the moment it wont help too much with the nodes requiring specific characters. But overall nice features thanks
  15. Yeah I'd definitely like some random timings to be implemented. Even an option to have the game app close when you have finished blitzing sometimes rather than just sitting on the character selection screen would help. As I'm beginning to worry they may be cracking down on this seeing similar behaviours with the inputs been the same throughout a long period of time