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  1. gary845


    also its important to note it shouldn't just be bugs gettings fixed. @admin hasn't seemed to update the blitz opponent selection to adapt to newly added characters in a long time so match ups dont have as much win percentage when running into new characters the bot isn't recognising as high risk
  2. gary845

    energy claim

    pretty sure he's gave up on this bot...or perhaps somethings happened with software he cant fix so riding it out until people dont buy :/. we've had no response from him in about 2 weeks now even though he's been online
  3. gary845

    SuperCard Bot V21.26

    @admin respond to your other bot threads you've left it almost 2 weeks with issues and no word
  4. gary845

    stuck in alpha raid

    noticed @admin is still active and commenting on the other bots but not this one. so we are all just being ignored here. guess our money isn't important
  5. gary845

    stuck in alpha raid

    yeah im on the same thought process @Deliriousfan7 specially when this is a pinned subject not getting response
  6. gary845

    stuck in alpha raid

  7. gary845

    stuck in alpha raid

    @admin please respond to issue please soon as you can as not getting to make any use out of this feature when we've paid for it 😕
  8. gary845

    stuck in alpha raid

    This been resolved yet?
  9. gary845

    stuck in alpha raid

    i also have this problem with alpha raid. im on the far left lane on alpha doing the cosmic lane and it missed the first 3 nodes and jumped me straight to E3, leaving F1 and E2 incomplete. f2 was already completed by teammate
  10. Yeah I made sure network is turned on and its definitely connected to Internet. Finally got it working by fully uninstalling the game to reinstall
  11. Anyone else ran into this problem? I love been able to use nox perfectly fine the whole time I've used this bot but just a few hours ago for whatever reason when loading the game it keeps stopping on 36% and failing to load any further??? Anyone know how to fix? I fully updated nox and performed a hard reset but still no luck. And just as we are going into last day on blitz 😞
  12. gary845

    please add blitz wait time 120-130!

    can i ask why such a simple request is being ignored? asked a couple times now to no response
  13. please can this timeframe be added to allow optimal start up of the bot upon teams being ready to use again? i'd imagine simply adding a new wait time option only takes a couple minutes? and through a whole day can result in possible 1 or 2 runs more which would be the difference between getting 1% to 2-3%. with the blitz sim only taking a couple minutes, it would suck if the wait timer chosen 150 and there's just un-needed downtime.
  14. gary845

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.36

    @admin can you please add a blitz wait time of 120-130 mins to better allow optimal blitz runs? would be much appreciated!
  15. gary845

    Curious to see Bot vs Sim

    yeah i just got top 2-3% too with 28m+... normally top 500-1000