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  1. Broncos84

    Claim free pack

    I noticed if you were at 60 peeks during the event you couldn't claim the free pack
  2. Broncos84

    Clash of Champions

    That was fixed
  3. Broncos84

    Clash of Champions

  4. Broncos84

    Clash of Champions

    Im actually on arena 167 I think. I use redfinger so I get ads on it then I watch a ad on my actual phone then let bot play which nearly gets me double ads. Also I have a pretty good balanced and op deck
  5. Broncos84

    Clash of Champions

    I dont use peeks I did buy 2 rounds maybe 3 rounds of bouts and used ads im at 118 right now using only the bot.
  6. Broncos84

    Clash of Champions

    It may break the bot in this event. As of now the bot remembers the path of the card we want to find. Sometimes it only takes 2 times to find the card we are looking for. I think peeks would be a great add on but im afraid it will make the bot worse.
  7. Broncos84

    Clash Of Champions

    I do agree it is great the way it is. I mean it remembers the card it played to get to the card we need to find to win. I just feel it could be a little better
  8. Broncos84

    Clash Of Champions

    I think the bot can better play coc if it could pick single stat match type when available instead of always choosing a superstar. We could do alot better that way. @admin
  9. Broncos84

    Clash Of Champions

    The bot kinda sucks at coc. Please update @admin
  10. Broncos84

    Clash Of Champions

    The first one it was crap. Hoping he can get it updated to work better this time around @admin
  11. Broncos84

    New and CONFUSED!!!

    Download Redfinger
  12. Broncos84

    Looking for a team

    Still Looking?
  13. Broncos84

    Claim Card Pack Update

  14. Broncos84

    Update 20.40