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  1. BlitzBoy37

    Red Finger Error

    Been running the bot for over 4 months and now I am getting this error on RedFInger. Not sure how to fix it, please assist. Essentially bot will run and then within 5 to 10 blitx matches this error pops up and shuts down the game on the emulator.
  2. BlitzBoy37

    Auto Lose

    I would love this and this would make blitz scores better
  3. BlitzBoy37

    Full review after 1 week of use of bot.

    what characters are missing from the line-up?
  4. Has anyone had success on cloud finger using an IOS device?
  5. BlitzBoy37

    Nox Doesn't work either!?

    Followed the direction but when I went to the google play store it won't let me dl the game, device isn't compatible, please help
  6. BlitzBoy37

    BlueStack Root

    KingRoot isn't working. Anyone have a root that will work with BlueStack 4 for MAC?