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  1. I updated nox today and after update I found out that xprivacy does not work and it always shows an error messagew lite exe has stopped Is there a new xposed/privacy program for new nox?
  2. memeli31

    paypal method

  3. Phishing attempt detected one minute ago Feature: Online Threat Prevention We blocked this phishing page for your protection: Accessed by: NoxVMHandle.exe Phishing pages attempt to obtain sensitive information such as login credentials or credit card details by disguising as trustworthy entities. The stolen data can be then used for financial g
  4. memeli31

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.08

    after downloading the update the blitz bot does not use 25 energy for the selected teams now
  5. memeli31

    paypal method

    I also tried pay as guest but it also does not work in my country because it forwards me to paypal site where i have to pay from paypal site as a guest
  6. memeli31

    paypal method

    hey I live in a country that paypal is blocked so cannot pay with paypal can you help me to pay with credit card? I can not see a payment method to pay with cards it forwards me to paypal account which is blocked