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  1. dingo2210

    Raid Troubles

    same here @admin
  2. dingo2210

    BOT keep jumping Teams in Blitz.

    same for me.. bot work fine until team 26, and sometimes he jump from 27 to 33
  3. dingo2210

    bot stuck in new game version

    hi @admin bot don't move to the left when you are on the far right. the add costume slot and the bot stuck on it
  4. dingo2210

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.46

    for me is working
  5. dingo2210

    stuck in alpha raid

    @admin bot continue to get stuck in alpha. i sent a new video to show you the problem
  6. dingo2210

    Stuck with 31+ teams

    it already implemented... dowload the new version
  7. dingo2210

    energy claim

    same here @admin
  8. dingo2210

    Bot not working

    same for me. internet is working (i play the game). stuck in server verifing.
  9. dingo2210

    bot don't start

    ok, now is working 🙂
  10. dingo2210

    bot don't start

    hi @admin this morning bot in stuck in "server verifing" screen. the five dot are moving, but nothing alse
  11. dingo2210

    stuck in alpha raid

    i tried other lines and the problem comes in all my tries.
  12. dingo2210

    stuck in alpha raid

  13. dingo2210

    stuck in alpha raid

    whats your e mail? i cant send message
  14. dingo2210

    stuck in alpha raid

    hi @admin. bot every time get stuck in alpha and enter in loop stuck - restart. with or without raid energy. in this case without energy he don't understand to return home this is my line setup bot can't find lower nodes
  15. dingo2210

    Blitz issues

    the same for me, after 28, 29 the bot returns the error "activate the blitz cycle in the options" and then it stops and reopen