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  1. h2o

    Red star rampage/normal

    I believe the normal word is just referring to the position of the blitz enter button, which premium and normal share a position while redstar is to the right. I do get what your asking though, and it would be nice to have for sure.
  2. h2o

    Not passing on daily calendar

    I'm not sure, i've just clicked on it each time to get it to keep moving. i'll try that next time i have a chance.
  3. It appears that if you start the bot before doing anything else after daily reset, it's getting confused with the daily calendars that we get. It used to just close them, now it sits there and thinks the game has locked up.
  4. h2o

    Raid Lanes

    each node is labeled in raid. go into the raid, click a node, and you will see it's label in the corner.
  5. h2o

    Auto Lose

    Was this feature ever implemented? With the unity event coming up it would be very nice to have, since wins are more important than score.
  6. h2o

    bot prioritizing gregg over hela

    Hela before Gregg for sure. Otherwise you just keep healing her every time you kill Gregg.
  7. With the release of 20.13 I noticed that the bot is actively prioritizing gregg over Hela, so she continually heals.
  8. h2o

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.12

    Never mind, it was just me. I would delete the post, but I can't.
  9. h2o

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.12

    Getting a black screen when selecting what to do with blitz teams.
  10. h2o

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.10

    or just create an additional tab for raid teams.
  11. h2o

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.10

    I was wondering the same thing. Came to check for notes, and didn't see any yet.
  12. h2o


    thank you, that's what i needed.
  13. h2o


    Is there an easy way to renew the bot? For some reason the store right now for me is completely empty.
  14. h2o

    Time frames on updates

    not long, considering he had the new update out a day after the last patch.
  15. h2o

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.09

    10 more teams were added with today's update. If you can add them to the bot.