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  1. Serje

    Bot squad team number

    So it does not count them and tries to recognize? I thought it just counts lines 🙂
  2. Serje

    Bot squad team number

    Hey, Can you double check one scenario: We have configured 25 teams under script properties with value (Enabled/Disabled/Use25) Question: Does it count from the top counting each team available? Assumption: Bot counts only team it used Example: Team1: Inhumans Team2: XMen with Wolvie Team3: XMen with Storm Team4: BO If I select Disable Team4 in Bot settings it won't skip BO, but Team5 instead Seems Bot counts only teams it used and ignores teams it skips
  3. Serje

    Bot won't launch or Update

    It just started to work on it's own, after few hours of downtime
  4. Serje

    Bot won't launch or Update

    I have similar issue. After starting bot and clicking Run script (or play from the icon) nothing happens No window with runtime parameters starts
  5. Serje


    @yarboto, do not mix up things They can track where you click in the game. This way they can get heatmap. And this way User and Bot actions could be potentially distinguished. As Bot can click same place again and again
  6. Serje

    Red star rampage/normal

    One more question around Red star rampage, if Bot can skip teams which has no 4* yet? For now I need to manually Disable these teams otherwise Bot stucks
  7. Serje

    Reddit thread

    And there is slight chance for many new users here 🙂 As soon as you decided to bot - you accepted you can lose your account. Sorry, but it's true. Side question I'm really curious about - how many people really use bots. It looks like problem is exaggerated because people think as soon as botters gone they automatically fit to Top100 or Top2000 May be @admin shares some day amount of bot users at least for his bot
  8. Serje

    Bot Freezes

    Got same problem on 20.11 version Bot goes over teams list in Blitz, once plays with all teams stucks on team selection list (scroll down list of all teams). If to close it manually Bot goes further to Claim energy, participate raids
  9. Serje

    Alpha raid does not work

    Hey, Have 2 news 1) Good - Alpha3 works good after update 2) Bad - U6 got broken same way (opens Raid menu and stucks choosing U6 or A3, nothing happens). Before update it worked fine. Do you need any additional details?
  10. Serje

    Alpha raid does not work

    2 bugs to report: 1) Bot does not start Alpha III raid. It goes to Raid selection screen (U6/A3) and stuck there. Expected to enter Alpha raid and choose team. Raid enabled in Botmenu. Bot tries to go there, but does nothing. If other activities enabled it simply goes further (e.g. checks blitz / quits game) 2) Node selection for alpha/beta/gamma raids does not have all nodes. E.g. it has B1, B2 .... B7, B9. B8 is missing Also A10, B10 which are present on map are absent in dropdown list Thanks
  11. Serje

    Payment complete, no key given

    Not sure if there was any manual action from @admin But I got email with transaction confirmation from <> and it had code inside
  12. Serje

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.09

    Thanks, awesome new features. Raid addition rules
  13. Serje

    Payment complete, no key given

    Issue solved, thanks
  14. Hey, Need help on next case. Bought MSF key via Transaction was successful but I was returned to shop page with no key. I do not see any related email nor way to claim the key in such situation. Please help to address it
  15. There was statement over last Khasino stream that solution for both shelling and bots is going live next release (May, I assume) Still there were no details what and which way they going to change