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  1. Gruthen

    Orb assault still broken

    @admin please take a look at this, as this is recurring.
  2. Gruthen

    Will NOT enter Orb Assault blitz

    So let's be clear @Pk89, one just cannot play the normal orb blitz right now. All other functionality works great. Granted, it still needs to be fixed by @admin, but its not that huge of a deal.
  3. Gruthen

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.47

    Yes RTA is working fine @Ganjooh
  4. Gruthen

    Will NOT enter Orb Assault blitz

    Same @admin
  5. Gruthen

    bot stuck in new game version

    Yeah it has to do with the new UI, so until @admin fixes it, the secret is to turn off RTA and the bot will work. However, you will have to manually do RTA or manually click into it and let the bot do its thing. However, emulator, or reinstalling the bot won't help, as the admin needs to update it.
  6. Gruthen

    bot stuck in new game version

    Good to know, definitely getting stuck @admin with the new UI
  7. Gruthen

    ror happens again !

    Same for MSF bot
  8. Gruthen

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.46

    Having the same issue @admin - ror. Exit bot, reopen bot, start, run:
  9. Gruthen

    Entering Raid Nodes in Bot UI

    Yeah, I run in an alliance that we have set lanes, so for me, I go through the pain of setting them one time, and honestly, never look at them again. I guess if you run in an alliance that doesn't have set raids, this feature would not be as useful.
  10. @dom1nno - let me know if you need any help, I use Nox now, as that seems to be the most stable and the one I am most familiar with. I used to use BS, but its been a while.
  11. Gruthen

    Did not run arena all night

    Yes, this is because it gets stuck at Ultimus and does not proceed.
  12. Gruthen

    stuck after ultimus

    @admin - after it does its first check, it seems to begin its journey around the map and just stops moving. Usually it makes a round trip, but now it checks the nodes and begins to move then stops near the top.
  13. Gruthen

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.44

    All testing done on Nox w/ 1280x720
  14. Gruthen

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.44

    @admin Let me be a bit more thorough in my testing: ✔️- Blitz ❔- Claim Energy (had no energy to claim so not certain, but did enter screen) ✔️- Alpha (seem to click on the next node a couple time, then go through its entire cycle, then when it comes back eventually finds the node) ❌- Ultimus (gets "stuck", it enters the raid, but never seems to find the proper node and stalls out, it clicks on the proper node twice, then goes on its journey then gets "stuck") ❔- Arena (never passes Utimus so not tested) ❔- RTA (never passes Ultimus so not tested)
  15. Gruthen

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.44

    Stuck in Ultimus @admin