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  1. Gruthen

    Suggestion: Doom Raid

    That is correct.
  2. Gruthen

    Suggestion: Doom Raid

    With a lot of these paying members I assume a bit higher level, it would be nice for a doom option. I am to the point where i auto most of it to 60% anyway and would love this feature for quality of life.
  3. Gruthen

    RTA Not Working - The Facts

    Every since I got new laptop, everything is working great. I have a feeling it had to do with performance issue and the bot couldn't pause long enough.
  4. Gruthen

    Bot Getting Stuck in Alpha

    I noticed the bot got stuck for me in Alpha. Wasn't sure if anyone else was having issues. (Note that I was out of raid energy when I saw this).
  5. @admin with the latest release, the bot is NOT doing the red star blitz. The red star mode seems to only do normal.
  6. Gruthen

    Server verifying

    Disregard, i restarted Nox and all is well.
  7. Gruthen

    Server verifying

    Yeah something is up @admin
  8. Gruthen

    Bot choosing Red Star Blitz on both settings

    So right now, it sounds like the only outstanding item for @admin to resolve is when we have both Red Star and Orb assault. It is ALWAYS doing red star blitz and not doing Orb assault, regardless of settings. Definitely a bug that needs resolution.
  9. Gruthen

    Fresh Install of Bot - No Issues Thus Far

    24h later everything is running great. Guess it was just performance lab on the emulator that the bot didn’t care for.
  10. I did a complete reinstall on my laptop and got the following results: Fresh install of Nox + Bot: Blitz - Check Energy - Check (Entered, but I had no energy to claim) Greek - Check (Entered, but I had no available nodes) Arena - Check (Entered, but I had no remaining fights) RTA (Complete Objectives) - Check (Entered, but I had no remaining objectives) I will keep an eye on things when I actually have some nodes and objectives, but it at least appears to be working as expected.
  11. Gruthen

    RTA Not Working - The Facts

    I think this is tied to graphics lag. I noticed this morning everything seems to be working ok, however, if my game was lagging, I assume the bot's timing mechanism was assuming my team was not full (as the graphics were slow to load). I *think* everything is working for me now.
  12. Gruthen

    RTA Not Working - The Facts

    Would love to know the outcome as RTa is definitely not working consistently.
  13. Gruthen

    Beta Raid Working?

    Seems to be working sporadically. It is entering the node, highlighting the node but not entering. overall a bit shaky but it does appear to be working off and on here.
  14. Gruthen


    RTA is not working consistently. Gamma appears to be working for me.
  15. Gruthen


    Got it running without issue (just the trial) on BS 5. I much prefer this emulator because of how it manages memory and cpu as compared to Nox. I will see if it continues to run well there.