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  1. acorcoran

    No incoming Licence key

    License key is immediately provided after payment in an email confirmation
  2. acorcoran

    Is Silence Golden?

    Just curious on your thoughts on this: I know it is important for the users of this bot to understand the actual impact from FN on their Blitz Bot comments. We absolutely know that some functionality has been banned (e.g., first hand knowledge of home grown scripts on BlueStacks being shut down for 72 hour bans). I am also thankful to see the response from the community here on who is running fine and ACTUAL facts. However, I am a little concerned that the more we advertise that this bot has yet to be banned, the more ammo we are giving the company to try harder to find the root cause. I don't know if this is valid, but wish there was a way to monitor and provide feedback without this fear =).
  3. acorcoran

    Please get some data

    @rogerpet - There are plenty of other threads that people have stated their experiences using this particular bot and their results. And not dismissing your idea, just want to be careful with too much information being displayed, however, in this forum, there are people continuing running the bot and posting their activity.
  4. acorcoran

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    None that I personally know.
  5. acorcoran

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    Correct, not a BOT36 user, he made his own script.
  6. acorcoran

    Anyone Here Actually Get Banned?

    Our alliance leader just got a 72 hour ban. He uses a home grown bot, so not Bot36, but he did get banned this evening for 3 days.
  7. acorcoran

    Bot not enabling

    So just tried it with a fresh install and did this order of operations: 1) Nox (set root option along with resolution) 2) MSF install and run 3) Xspoded installed and reboot 4) Xprivacy installed and configured 5) Rebooted 6) Bot36
  8. acorcoran

    Bot not enabling

    I can help walk you through any configuration of this on Nox, as I was able to download Nox, get both of these packages installed today without issue.
  9. Let's use this thread to record ACTUAL bans from Bot36 users. There is a lot of misinformation being spread and I'd like to use this thread to find actual, first-hand accounts of people being banned that are utilizing this bot. I know people are continuing to use the bot in their normal capacity, as they mentioned it in this thread. I know users of Bot36 that are currently botting and have had no action taken on their account. This is NOT saying that it is safe, this is NOT saying that there hasn't been some monitoring implemented, however, let's use this thread to stick to the facts of actual users being banned and not spreading my friend's, brother's dog's sister was banned type comments. Should someone actually get banned, I'd ask that they use this thread to capture the actual facts to help aid the other users of this bot. Honestly, if NOTHING was done by FN, their message has caused a lot of users to stop using the bot per their comments here, so in essence, just their post about a possible ban was a success in their adhering to the terms and conditions of the game.
  10. acorcoran

    Getting banned?

    Just a repeat of the same news, and to be honest, I don't think its real.
  11. acorcoran


    This is the same one case that has gone around. No evidence yet and know at least three people in this thread that are using the bot with no consequence.
  12. acorcoran

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.19

    This is not the user's account. This was a post on a discord about a "friend of a friend" who used a backup account, activated a bot, and was quickly banned. There was no mention of any details, including the bot that was used, etc.
  13. acorcoran


    I saw one person on Discord, but really didn't give specifics. Was a "friend of a friend" scenario who botted and was using a backup account. No mention of what type of bot, etc. Would be interesting to hear from first hand experience with this bot.
  14. acorcoran


    We obviously have members here who stated that they are going to continue to use the bot. Will be curious of their outcomes thus far.