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  1. Selling the account focusing more on nba It also has first part of heroic crews and another champions fusion pro (Selling for friend)
  2. Venom21

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    Will you stfu and give him chance , you impatient little boy if you dont want his bot dont buy it hes not going to miss you , constantly crying GIVE HIM CHANCE!!
  3. Venom21

    Wild mode bot36

    Forget that admin I have sent it in 2 videos part 1 and part 2 hope this helps Thankyou again
  4. Venom21

    Wild mode bot36

    Hey admin unfortunately its saying the video is too big to send in a file it's only 2m 21seconds do you have another way I can get this to you please .... I cant cut it any shorter or you wont see the issue I am speaking of ... I have what's app or messenger if that helps
  5. Venom21

    Wild mode bot36

    Hey bethany again , I managed to install bot36 and it plays mitb and war really great , however when it plays wild the bot crashes and then gives me a timer for a reset it's happened on nearly every game anyone got a idea why or is having the same difficulty Thankyou 😄 x
  6. Venom21


    Hey that worked thankyou I did all that allowed root , downloaded bot now I get this on game Any ideas?
  7. Venom21


    Hey admin thankyou for your response I installed this however when I installed bot36 the program denied bot36 access Am not sure if you can suggest anything else sorry to be a pain 😞
  8. Venom21


    Hey everyone my names Bethany and am totally new to the whole bot36 process so need some friendly guidance I am using an samsung galaxy s8 unrooted and I donot have a laptop I can use at hand just my s8 can I still root the phone without a laptop so I can buy bot36 And can you use bot36 on this device Thankyou for your time and patience