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  1. notoriousSide

    feature add-on

    Just a thought, can we have an option that if we log into a new device, can the bot re-start maybe after 30min? or not at all as an option? I think its similar to when the game is stuck, the bot restarts the game. But in the case of "logged in to another device" the bot simply stops.
  2. notoriousSide

    Bot Stuck on Server verifying

    it's back up! using NOX
  3. notoriousSide

    Shop Won't Load

    now i know what withdrawal feels like... LOL I hope @admin can get this fixed. cheers
  4. notoriousSide

    Is this bot recommended for new players

    Build up your blitz teams first as this bot is made for blitzing. most of us here have like 28 teams and you can imagine how that would be time consuming to do blitz with 28 rounds every 2 hours.
  5. notoriousSide

    red star rampage

    Bot is unable to start blitz/go to selecting first team. Bot only goes in the red star squad selection menu and goes out in and out from there.
  6. notoriousSide

    license purchase

    thanks, it took a while to receive my Email from you. I though when I purchase the license it would give me confirmation of my order and right away give me the license key. cheers
  7. notoriousSide

    license purchase

    I have purchased a 1month pass, although i didnt get the license key. where do i get it? thanks