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  1. Cynner007

    Bot keeps crashing

    I haven’t been able to find an emulator that works. I’ve even gone to just doing wild and it still crashes!
  2. Cynner007

    Bot keeps crashing

    Thanks! Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Cynner007

    Bot keeps crashing

    I’m using Nox on my Mac and about 2-3 times a day the bot crashes. Are there any other emulators that work well on the Mac?
  4. Cynner007

    Bot not working on Mac

    I keep getting the message Finish Successfully after I hit run script and nothing happens. This has been going on for over a day. Anyone else running on a Mac have this issue?
  5. Hi all! New to the bot, any recommended settings? Im level WM 35. also, it seems really choppy on my Mac... any suggestions or setting recommendations. Thanks!