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  1. mobeza

    Royal Rumble problem

    I think admin should stop timer for all player so they dont loose time until admin update the bot.
  2. mobeza

    Royal Rumble problem

    @admin any Estimated time on when you will update royal rumble?
  3. mobeza

    RTG Not Working

    tru. we have lost 3-4 days and will loose a few more with each new mode. It will be fair if admin extends everyone membership by a few days.
  4. mobeza


    latest version
  5. mobeza

    War Not Starting

    As admin said, he need to change the code for all the events 1 time. I believe he will release the updated bot soon.
  6. mobeza

    SuperCard Bot V19.43

    @admin can you please add the watching ad feature back?
  7. mobeza

    Monthly subscription

    @admin can you do a 15 day subscription too please. Maybe make it a $20, but sometime it is hard for me to pay full $37 at a go. I am from a poor country.
  8. mobeza


    any chances you will add it back?
  9. mobeza


    yeah the ad button is gone after the update? Can admin tell us what has been updated in the latest update?
  10. mobeza

    card training

    It would be good if you can add checkboxes to select multiple tier instead of a dropdown where you can only select one. Like if I wanted both hardened and elite cards to be used in training or even more. Can you please try to add this feature in your next update.
  11. mobeza

    Have A Question.

    you can buy a PC with 8th gen i5 processor with 8gb DDR4 RAM and a 4GB DDR5 graphic card. The game will run sooo smoooth.
  12. mobeza

    Any update on using ads for events?

    this would be an excellent feature if bot can view ads.
  13. mobeza

    RTG and TRTG

    Bot always choose +1, is there a way we can select what bot chooses like +1 or +3 or +5?