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  1. cobrastar14

    Best Blitz Rank + TCP

    6.5m top 100 for me but i draw back alot know just for my personal reason but yeah easily sit inside the top 100 when ever i feel like it
  2. cobrastar14

    entered licence key on nox but want to change

    yeah that was wierd for some reason it wasnt allowing me to it was comming up with invalid key error even tho i copied and pasted but i did it again and it worked thanks
  3. Hey there was wondering if there was a way to change my licence key over from nox to bluestacks?. so i initially put the key into nox because i couldnt figure out how to root bluestacks well i figured it out but it wont let me use it on bluestacks as i have already put it in on nox i would of hoped you could use it on one at a time as in if i used the licence on bluestacks i couldnt open up a new emulator and run it on nox at the same time rather then restricting it to the one you enter it on.
  4. cobrastar14

    Marvel Strike Force Bot V20.09

    super excited for all the changes. was wondering when we will we get the recent characters added into the extra teams feature eg proxima and corvus glaive?
  5. haha all good just wanted some reassurance ive been using the bot for awhile now myself and your right i don'tknow how much i'd play if i didnt have this haha skipped a beat btw no official thing it was more just people suggesting thats the action they will take
  6. So how likely is this a possibility with this bot? is there a way to track or detect this bot?
  7. cobrastar14

    How good is this bot?

    i finished on 28m in the SS blitz im on 5.3m tcp and i didnt have it on all weekend either its very good
  8. cobrastar14

    net err

    yeah literally been working all day for me then mid rotation it was just staying on the saved squads then i restarted the thing and got net err
  9. would love to see em all at some point love your work keep it up!
  10. cobrastar14

    any way tos top bot picking meta to vs

    yep just seen the update now awesome! thanks for the communication.
  11. cobrastar14

    any way tos top bot picking meta to vs

    thanks for the response. looking forwardss to it!
  12. cobrastar14

    any way tos top bot picking meta to vs

    Forgot to ask this earlier but is there going to be an update on the bot or a possible fix?
  13. cobrastar14

    any way tos top bot picking meta to vs

    thanks for the response really appreaciate it keep up the good work 🙂
  14. I have noticed the the bot will pick an xmen team or an asgardian team to verse over a mix team due to the power. it would be nice to avoid that as those kind of teams are rediculious even if they are the weaker of the 3 teams. then maybe if there are 3 metas it just picks the weaker. otherwise very impressive!!!