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  1. cobrastar14

    Multiple Offer Purchases

    Apparently people have found a way to crash the playstore app as you purchase the offer and in doing so doesnt tell the game that you have already purchased it and then keeps the offer in your store is the basic understanding i have as you how they do i would love to know there were some good offers about recently.
  2. cobrastar14

    Any reason to resub?

    well said mate ive been relatively silent on all the hate on here atm but i also want to say that up untill recently the bot had been running spot on and as someone who had used the bot when the only feature was for blitz the fact that admin had implemented arena raids RTA is fantastic i pay for 2 keys a month and dont intend to stop now. i think alot of people complaining dont know or understand where the bot has been and come from and i can only imagine what progress the other 2 bots have made aswell and as far as im aware @admin is working on all 3 themselve. yes i understand we all pay for the bot (at a reasonable price) but i think its simple if you feel like the bot isnt worth it each to there own but i for one feel like this bot and it has prolonged my msf gameplay and now we have had word from the admin i look forward to the updates and fixes inbound. once agian just my perspective
  3. cobrastar14

    Bot not doing Arena & RTA

    yeah i think its because you have the 31 saved squads the bot is going to the 31st team and doesnt know what to do as its not set for 31 teams yet then it gets stuck and then restarts so you may have to delete the 31st team for now but im not sure as i havent made the 31st team just incase this was the problem my arena and my RTA have all been fine hope this helps
  4. cobrastar14

    recent update

    ok so you go to the app and search msf?
  5. cobrastar14

    recent update

    what emulator are you trying im trying? LDplayer and having no luck... no update option and crashes when i start it
  6. cobrastar14

    stuck in alpha raid

    yeah im usually pretty chill when it comes to fixes but i pay for 2 accounts and can barely be bothered on 1 so i think im going to pull the pin next month on both accounts i just cant justify it now when i could auto sim i was always using it for the raids mostly i mean it was acknowleged a month ago and said it would be fixed the following weekend end but since then radio silent i usually be patient and consider things from thier end i even understood when there paypal was down but they seemed to have fixed that straight away defenantly something amiss now... also ultimus 7 is still a problem aswell
  7. cobrastar14

    Cant buy License key

    clearly you dont retard
  8. cobrastar14

    Cant buy License key

    wow salty much big boy haha mr keyboard warrior stop sooking like a bitch your using cheats in a game dude lmao doesnt matter how i spell it haha your suck a sook enjoy your downtime see the sun a little haha god any other zingers to throw at me
  9. cobrastar14

    message to admin regarding paypal issue

    Well technically your not paying money tbf its not like theirs an issue with the bot... if the bot was down i'd agree but technically you dont have a key so... yeah as to them not mentioning why well their losing out here their not getting paid. So im sure there trying to figure it out.
  10. cobrastar14

    Cant buy License key

    Clearly your nit familier with how the world works buddy, you purchase and then you get the goods... why should they give more time its not like they took your money then the bit was down for a week... it was up then you ran out and cant buy another atm. So your saying that if a store runs out of product they should have given you more last time you bought it? Abit rough your not the only one in this situation and not to mention there obviously not getting paid calm your farm
  11. cobrastar14

    Alpha Raid - Not Finding Node

    This is happening in ultimus aswell someone said they were fine on another emulator i DL the other and still same issue. @admin
  12. cobrastar14

    Bot doesnt work for raids?

    I dunno wtf is going on lol i had issues on nox the dowloaded LDplayer and first raid was great second its wont move at all and clickes tge node once and then sits there...
  13. cobrastar14

    Bot doesnt work for raids?

    yeah i posted last week that had the same issue @admin said he would look into it ive also tried different nodes in both raids and it still gets stuck
  14. cobrastar14

    ult 7 raid

    hey @admin was wondering how the ult 7 issue was comming along?
  15. cobrastar14

    ult 7 raid

    Any progress on the ult 7 raid @admin ?