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  1. TIGER82

    Ultimus raid issue

    I made two attempts, the previous one was also unsuccessful - he chose other nodes than those marked on the menu.
  2. TIGER82

    Ultimus raid issue

    Why Bot missed I1 nod ? Any ideas?:)
  3. TIGER82

    Full review after 1 week of use of bot.

    This tool could be really helpful but price if definetly to high
  4. TIGER82

    issue with license key

    Hi I bought marvel strike force bot key yesterday and it works. But today when i want to start bot i get info log about invalid license... What Can I do ? License key was used only on one PC and Memo play emulator.
  5. Hi, Bot can't start red stars rampage blitz. It's klick "go" and then back to previous screen,