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  1. David5150

    SuperCard Bot V19.46

    I'm getting the exact same thing. It happens after a match when it's going into search for another opponent, but it goes into edit deck. As soon as it exits the edit deck portion is when that pop up occurs.
  2. David5150

    [POLL] Bring watching ads back?

    Bring it back but let people know there's a greater chance of being banned while using the "watch ads" function just like the "speed game up" function. Use at your own risk type of thing. Then nobody will have anything to say because they were warned beforehand if they get banned.
  3. I have the bot running well on my laptop but I'd prefer it on my PC which is an older PC, i simply have a question. Will it always be 1080x1920 required or will you down the resolution to the lowest available such as 480x800? WWE SuperCard runs way smoother on it and I've got a couple friends who are in the same boat except they've not got a laptop like me so they can't even use the bot because the game is unplayable on theirs with so much lag at 1080x1920. I'm a new user so I'm not sure if it's been asked before but I looked and couldn't find this anywhere. Is there any possibility you will implement this in the future or is it something you don't see a need for? I'd imagine more people would sign up if they could run it smoothly. Simple question: Will there ever be support for the bot to run at a lower resolution to smooth things out such as 480x800?