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  1. Enfrick

    Free packs

    Would be awesome the reset count
  2. Enfrick


    Can you tell me the best way to spend 7k credits? For a neon category,i want to get shatered,i dont know if the best way is to get bouts on money in the bank or buy a shater 5.500 pack,or spend on eggs packs
  3. Enfrick

    Searching a team bot

  4. Enfrick

    Searching a team bot

    Searching for a team bot gothic or more
  5. Enfrick

    RD Broken

  6. Enfrick

    RD Broken

    I think rd reward is bugged,when i win he only pick 5 pieces and let 20 pieces left
  7. Enfrick

    RD Broken

  8. Enfrick


    So,i have to put first wm33 and second hardened, to pick that range of discarded cards?
  9. Enfrick


    Can someone try to explain me how the train works with the bot? If i put hardened and hardened it will train hardened cards with hardened cards? What should i put?
  10. Enfrick

    War pvp

    Sometimes it not select the card,is true
  11. Enfrick

    Any update on using ads for events?

    This will be amazing!! Thanks for all the work!