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  1. Melkk

    SuperCard Bot V19.41

    maybe but my name here is Melkk and my ingame Name is Erazer2k, so they will never now cause i will not tell them or will use it in here. Im not stupid!!!
  2. Melkk

    SuperCard Bot V19.41

    First account banned because of this. Guys watch out dont play with ur main account in the moment!
  3. Melkk

    RD broken

    its perfect here no probs at all
  4. Melkk

    Question to long time users of the bot

    we need this samrt thing for rtg to !!!! pretty pls admin
  5. Melkk

    Problem beim Kaufen

    This is an english speaking Forum. if u need help i guess u have to write in english. anyways, heres the translation: if i try to buy the bot via Paypal and the link connects me i recive a error message
  6. Melkk

    Rd and mitb

    if the bot will now choose the right arrows to build a team in rtg its perfect 😉
  7. Melkk

    How long do I wait

    crazy i posted this in a other thread ?!
  8. Melkk

    How long do I wait

    if the bot will now choose the right arrows to build a team in rtg its perfect 😉
  9. Melkk

    RD Broken

  10. Melkk

    King of the ring

    King of the ring ist autostaring anymore pls check this, thx
  11. Melkk

    uptdate wednesday 3.4.2019 / new tier

    haha a guarantee... there is no guarantee for nothing! We cheat and u know the risk, so deal with it or play the game by hand.
  12. Melkk

    Royal rumble

    sure it does
  13. Melkk

    Update log

    oh thx fpr the ti, sue i will oh and great update, thx
  14. Melkk

    Update log

    I just updatet to the newest Version. i wonder if theres and updatelog so we can see whats new / changed ?
  15. Melkk

    automatically playing ads

    there a more important things then supercard ?! just kidding 🙂