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  1. Doc

    Since they posted LMS event

    So me and 1 other guy having problems. Ok.
  2. For me at least bot isnt doing anything. Anyone else having problems? Just sits on main screen of events page.
  3. Doc

    Memu or Nox?

    Memu for sure.
  4. Doc

    Team/Bot Team

    Pm sent.
  5. Doc

    MY SS19 TEAM

    My apologies for not getting back with some. RL can be a real pain. I am tending to my mom as she has blood cancer. Thank god for the bot. Set it and forget it basically lol. Still hve a spot for one more person if interested, Thx
  6. Doc

    PayPal pay without credit card

    Odd. Bought my key om monday using PP with my bank card or isthat NOT the issue.
  7. Doc

    MY SS19 TEAM

    is looking for 1 ss19 player. Max tbg,10 shards a card (usually go after 2) 420 trtg. Good active team. Figure check here with you all. If interested either post here or drop me a pm. We are an adult team. Believe in fun but winning. Always get the team event card(s). Thx. Trying to find 1 before we start our next tbg around 7am on Thursday or get you on the team sunday before next weeks events.
  8. Doc

    First time on LMS

    Just what hlf we have a few LMS threads already started. Just run a search on it.
  9. Doc

    Anyone got banned yet?

  10. Omg. I installed game from google using memu and using trial and watching the game.....,.,..,.......finally work. Will try with paid later. Just very happy.
  11. THE AMAZON APP SAYS THE FOLLOWING NOW. Unable to find file please reinstall. Btw i am borrowing a friends laptop, so this is a totally different laptop. Sos though. Am i screwed?
  12. yes i did admin. No luck but will keep trying. Thx everyone for trying to help me.
  13. Hard reset my laptop? As in reformat? Running win10. I can not a problem. Is that what you m eant un? Using droid4x as emulator.
  14. I have tried different emulators and still get sos. Must be my laptop i am guessing.