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  1. Alphaman135

    Clash of Champions

    Can you maybe add the feature that the bot can use peeks as well ? (And remember what cards were seen) I know this is pretty complicated, I’m just courios wether it’s doable. have a nice Weekend
  2. Alphaman135

    SuperCard Bot V20.31

    For me the bot allways picks the same cards (stuck in the same arena for 15 games now). It would help to randomize the cards selected since the champ is allways on the same spot for the same stage. (It’s different from person to person but for the one person the champ is allways on the same spot in the same arena)
  3. Alphaman135

    Clash of Champions

    The champion card is allways on the same spot on the same arena, so even if the bot doesn‘t find the boss card first round, can the bot somehow remember what cards were clicked last time ? and avoid them if possible
  4. Alphaman135

    „No worthy opponent found“

    sometimes in RD the game doesn‘t give an opponent and the bot gets stuck there. doesn‘t event restart, just stays at the Screen forever. (Tipp to fix, go to home screen of SC it restart app) @admin
  5. Alphaman135

    Use event fusion enhancments to train cards

    Do I have to enable anything special ? I have train enhancements on beast cards and bot gets stuck regularly
  6. the bot can´t use the even Fusion enhancments to Train since they don´t reacte to `pick all`button. would be nice to use them to Train (they have to be klicked one by one ) currently i have to logg in every 3 Hours and do it manually (due to double picks) @admin
  7. Alphaman135

    Buy picks for Contracts

    I had a Programm counting it and for me it has been roughly every 1000 picks. idk why you care about it xd just accept it and fine. Or do you have no life and have to comment everything people ask for ? (It looks like that) some people have a job, I suggest you to get one 🙂
  8. Alphaman135

    Buy picks for Contracts

    5k picks should be at least 5 new tier cards.
  9. Alphaman135

    Buy picks for Contracts

    allright, I have like 25 k contracts, that makes around 5 k card picks. Once they release new tier I’ll instantly be WM36+ or better. That means I can pick WM36 cards from draft board and there is a good chance on getting some WM36 cards from 5k card picks. @admin and it shouldn’t be too much work since there is allready a script for picking
  10. Alphaman135

    Buy picks for Contracts

    hi, i have 25 k MITB contracts but it ain’t worth for me to pro one of the MITB cards since my male deck is allready pure RR, is there a chance you can write a script which goes to MITB and redeems the contracts for picks (and used the picks)? just an idea @admin
  11. Alphaman135

    Bot Stuck

    sorry for the post, i forgot to change language to english, thanks for the fast answer !
  12. Alphaman135

    Bot Stuck

    I had to reinstall nox player and now the bot won´t work, only tells me that the bot is stuck and restarts after 90 sec, and does the same again and again, ... what to do ?
  13. Alphaman135


    Awesome, many thanks
  14. Alphaman135


    Yes please @skiller62
  15. Alphaman135


    @admin can you maybe reply to my post earlier 🙂 I’m new to the bot and need help ^^