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  1. warrior319sc

    The bot needs to be tweaked due to the update.

    If you reply with hate, you kiss dudes. Stfu. Let the man work . .
  2. warrior319sc


    Technically we are supposed to get patch notes with every update, from the UTC Guidelines of Internet and gaming board of Philippines and the UN
  3. warrior319sc


    Use your fucking head. . . So unsmart. .
  4. warrior319sc

    Licsence Keys Too Expensive?

    Maybe have a 6 month or year option. Paying 37 usd $ is hard. Maybe 20 a month and 175 a year?
  5. warrior319sc


    What is status of ads being used by bot?
  6. warrior319sc

    Can Confirm rd is broke. . .

    Can no pick shard if board Pls fix . . . Need bot now more then ever. .