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  1. hummel1313

    Bot not starting

    same problems
  2. hummel1313

    SuperCard Bot V20.44

    @BloodyBrand i always get 2 mails, one as confirmation and one with the code. Otherwise only the admin can help you. if i understand correctly a mail to him with the transaction number. @admin thanks for the update 👍
  3. sorry me again, for the purpose of the login between local safe and facebook ... was that fixed ? because then it wouldn't work for me... (under nox as well as memu ) or not yet accepted the thing then sorry didn't want to annoy ... with a lot of luck and without restarting the game.. the bot run perfekt as usual sorry for the translation 🙂 needed help from google
  4. hummel1313

    SuperCard Bot V20.43

    Hi, have the same problem with log in... manually set fb login works until the bot restarts... or maybe someone can tell me how to get the local safe deleted because it is an old account. Try menu/settings/app or delete the files unfortunately without success Sorry for the translation had to help something with google 😅
  5. as already in the description Milestone reward for an arena is not required the bot is stuck sorry Translation with Google 🙂
  6. hummel1313


    I have the same Problem